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Rise of the Sea Hawk

Osprey are frequently sighted in Southeastern, North Carolina. Commonly known as the sea hawk, these birds of prey are gray and white in coloration and sometimes mistaken for Bald Eagles. In size, however they are slightly smaller, and more mottled in color. April is nesting time for osprey. Their nests are easy to spot because of size and location. Typically they are exposed and located high atop a tree or tower. They are also quite large. Just off the put in at River Road Park, there is an old navigation tower that has served as a nesting sight for a pair of osprey for years. This is a good location to observe the progress of the hatchlings as they grow into juvenile birds of prey.  It's tempting to paddle out and get as close as possible to the tower. However, giving mom and dad a little space while they raise their young provides safety for both you as well as the osprey.  The sea hawk can be aggressive during mating season and it's high pitched, screech like call is a distinctive warning. With a good pair of binoculars you can observe the nest from land or boat. Watch carefully and you might see them dive towards the surface of the water in pursuit of prey. Enjoy the rise of the sea hawk.  


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