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Killing the Golden Goose

There once was a golden goose that laid seven golden eggs. And that's how the story begins. How it progresses from there, I'm not sure. In the end, the owner of the goose ended up killing it in a misguided, greed fueled attempt to make the goose produce more golden eggs. Recently, I read that Brunswick County is the fastest growing county in North Carolina. This news did not surprise me, as this has been a trend for the last few years. What was a bit surprising was that Brunswick Co. and the surrounding region,(Myrtle Beach, Conway) was the  second fastest growing area in the nation. That caught my eye. In direct relation to growth, transplants now outnumber native North Carolinians in that county. There's no mystery in why growth has exploded in Southeastern, NC since 2010. A robust economy has enabled and encouraged populations in the northern climes to re-locate. A temperate climate, reasonable cost of living,(for now) and proximity to water has attracted the masses like moth to flame. What might be less apparent, is that marketing has had direct impact on this growth. This of course, would be no surprise to developers, realtors, and any other party some how linked to the housing market. I remember visiting a friend in the Philadelphia area years ago, and seeing numerous billboards advertising retirement communities in Southeastern, NC. I remember at the time thinking it was a little strange. Now, not so much. The goose has come home to roost. How long will it continue to produce golden eggs? Only time will tell.


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