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At what temperature is it too cold to go paddling? The answer of course, is subjective. It all depends on the person you ask. There are ways in which you can winterize your kayak experience so that you can paddle, virtually year round. Staying dry is naturally more important during the colder months. Wearing moisture wicking clothing not only keeps outside water from seeping in, but wicks away perspiration that will eventually cool your body temp down. Spray skirts, which are usually used for white water paddling, can sometimes be purchased for flat water boats. Check with your manufacturer on your make and model to see about availability. Of course, warming yourself from the inside out is a good way to maintain core body temperature. The thermos has come a long way in ability to keep liquids hot for hours. Consider simple chicken or vegetable broth as both fuel and winter warmer for your paddle. If you are doing some island hopping along the way, consider building a small fire to warm you and your fellow paddlers. Building a small, fast burning fire from kindling and pine cones will warm up the hands and provide a nice break at which to snack or have lunch. Next time around we'll take a look at some specific products that make cold weather paddling both safer and more enjoyable.


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The cleared lot on Middle Sound Loop was nothing unusual. I'd seen New Hanover County trucks parked there over the last few weeks, so I figured it to be some sort of public infrastructure project. A f...


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