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Water Rights

Water has been a hot topic in the news recently. Specifically, the water in the Cape Fear River. We are surrounded by water here in Southeastern, NC. It's so abundant, we largely take it for granted. The idea that our drinking water might be tainted is disturbing to say the least. The right to clean drinking water would seem to be a universal one. All citizens deserve the right fill a glass with water and consume it knowing it is clean. But apparently, what would seem like a black and white issue, is hardly clear cut. No industry, however large, profitable or powerful has the right to discharge chemicals into a waterway with the justification that it may or may not be harmless.  Just because you can't observe the visible effects, does not mean they aren't present. Unfortunately, rivers have long been depositories of all sorts of waste from farm and town.  While paddling the Cape Fear River today, I was impressed at how calm and quiet it was. It was a good start to summer. The controversy over water quality in the Cape Fear River will likely continue for some time. In the mean time we can all be good stewards of the waters that surround us. All of us have water rights when it comes to accessing our water ways. None of us has the right to trash these aquatic environments, whether it be an individual or a multinational corporation.


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Summer is on the way out. While it's sad to see the days get shorter, the weather in Fall is prime for paddling. In fact, October, November and December are ideal months to paddle in Southeastern...


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