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  • The Incredible Edible Flying Turkey
    With Thanksgiving less than a week away I d like to pause in brief appreciation for the bird that is... read more
  • Birding by Kayak
    One of the best aspects of paddling is being able to explore areas that are only accessible by small... read more
  • Aqua Therapy
    October is out November is in Thanksgiving is three weeks away The holidays are once again upon us F... read more

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Scott Schmolesky, founder of The Expedition Organization, writes for the Charlotte Examiner. Scott shares his knowledge of kayaking and the rivers of North Carolina by offering tips for beginners and articles focused on how to enjoy the beautiful waterways in your region. You can check out his latest articles by following this link.

Thankfully over....

Category: Blog

Yes, it's that day. November 8th, a day that many have been looking forward to... being over. Tomorrow the sun will rise on November 9th and we will have a new President. Maybe not one that you w... READ MORE

Local Warming....

Category: Blog

If you don't like the weather, just wait for five minutes, or so the story goes. Yesterday was one of those days. It was November 1st and temps were in the mid fifties as the sun began to light up the... READ MORE


Category: Blog

"Where's all the wildlife?" That was the question that one of our group posed to me. I was wondering the same thing. It was a beautiful Sunday to paddle on the Cape Fear River,  and we were worki... READ MORE

Fluid Motion

Category: Blog

Our Indian Summer continues this week with warm, dry weather and temps in the low 80's. The water levels in most rivers have crested above flood stage, but are now beginning to recede. For most of us,... READ MORE

Flood Stage.

Category: Blog

The call came this past Thursday afternoon, and it was a strange one. "Are you open tomorrow?" the caller asked. "Open for what?" I replied. With the approach of Hurricane Matthew imminent, I was curi... READ MORE

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