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  • Out With the Old...
    Here we are at the closing of another year Many people I suspect are ready to put 2017 behind them E... read more
  • Just Chill
    At what temperature is it too cold to go paddling The answer of course is subjective It all depends ... read more
  • On Black Friday
    It was Black Friday and I was far from scoring any discounted shopping specials I was kayak camping ... read more

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Scott Schmolesky, founder of The Expedition Organization, writes for the Charlotte Examiner. Scott shares his knowledge of kayaking and the rivers of North Carolina by offering tips for beginners and articles focused on how to enjoy the beautiful waterways in your region. You can check out his latest articles by following this link.

The Kayak Camping Experience: Part 1.

Category: Blog

Dry bags are essential for packing gear for a kayak camping experience. Once you have your bags the question becomes what to pack. Here are few indispensable items for kayak camping. A sleeping pad wi... READ MORE

Kayaking in the urban wilderness

Category: Blog

One of the wonderful things about kayaking is the accessibility of wilderness. Paddling enables you to reach areas of wildness within even the most urban of environments. Having a kayak is a passport ... READ MORE

Alligator Awareness and the Educated Paddler

Category: Blog

The come back of the American Alligator is truly a wildlife success story. While hunted to near extinction in the past, gators are now well established in Southeastern North Carolina. Just ask any gol... READ MORE

Wood is Good. Is Composite better?

Category: Blog

I love the feel of some good wood in my hand. Come on now, get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking paddles here. I use a wood paddle when kayaking. I am often asked why I choose wood over a compo... READ MORE

Pack it Light For the Overnight

Category: Blog

"I can't possibly pack all my gear on that boat." That's a pretty typical response when participants on our over night paddle programs are told they will carry all their own gear on their kayak. It's ... READ MORE

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