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  • Fall Paddle Destinations
    Summer is on the way out While it s sad to see the days get shorter the weather in Fall is prime for... read more
  • Spooked
    It was Tuesday afternoon and it looked like the bands of rain that Irma brought us were blowing out ... read more
  • The Calm Before the Storm
    Though it s been almost a year now it doesn t seem that long ago that we were preparing for the arri... read more

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Scott Schmolesky, founder of The Expedition Organization, writes for the Charlotte Examiner. Scott shares his knowledge of kayaking and the rivers of North Carolina by offering tips for beginners and articles focused on how to enjoy the beautiful waterways in your region. You can check out his latest articles by following this link.

The BAC, the DWI, and the SOL.

Category: Blog

"I swear officer, I only had two." We've all heard that one before, (and we may have even uttered those words a few times ourselves). You can see the wheels turning as the officer tries to calculate h... READ MORE

Fiesta De Aqua: Numero Dos

Category: Blog

Last week we looked at some items that while not necessary, crank up the fun factor for kayak camping. On that note we continue with a few more items. Pack a Frisbee. They are fun to toss around if yo... READ MORE

Fiesta de Agua

Category: Blog

In the last blog we wrapped up our breakdown of essential items for kayak camping. Now we move on to the fun stuff! There are certain items you really should have for a safe and comfortable over night... READ MORE

Packable tents for kayak camping

Category: Blog

Selecting the right tent for kayak camping is a bit like buying peanut butter. There's a wide variety of peanut butter out there, and while not partial to one particular brand, I do avoid the lowest p... READ MORE

The Kayak Camping Experience: Part 1.

Category: Blog

Dry bags are essential for packing gear for a kayak camping experience. Once you have your bags the question becomes what to pack. Here are few indispensable items for kayak camping. A sleeping pad wi... READ MORE

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