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  • The Pages Creek Preserve
    The cleared lot on Middle Sound Loop was nothing unusual I d seen New Hanover County trucks parked t... read more
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The Pages Creek Preserve

The cleared lot on Middle Sound Loop was nothing unusual. I'd seen New Hanover County trucks parked there over the last few weeks, so I figured it to be some sort of public infrastructure project. A few weeks later I rounded the curve on my bike and observed a gravel parking lot with a simple wooden fence lining the perimeter. Then I noticed the sign and doubled back for another look see. Pages Creek Preserve Park stated the sign. There was a map with 1 mile nature trail loop and 21 acres of preserved woodland on the marsh and creek. I was pleasantly surprised to see prime real estate turned into a park. Usually, with the creation of county or city park, there is some media coverage, but I had heard nothing about the park. This past Sunday, we decided to check it out, and we hiked the one mile loop. Wooded, with scenic views of the marsh and creek, it was a short though enjoyable hike. While 20 plus acres may not sound like a lot, it's signifigant for several reasons. One, it provides needed habitat for flora and fauna, as more and more land is cleared on the loop for development. It also provides public access to green space and nature in the suburbs. Whoever owned this land could have turned a pretty penny had they sold it for development. Instead, they donated it to the public good, and they should be lauded for that. As we left the park, I took another look at the map and sign. It was then that I noticed the symbol of  kayak and boat launch with the words: Kayak launch coming soon. More on this come.. 


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