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  • Winter Thaw
    What a difference 50 degrees can make Last Thursday there was a layer of snow on the ground four inc... read more
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Winter Thaw

What a difference 50 degrees can make!  Last Thursday there was a layer of snow on the ground four inches thick. This afternoon you would be completely comfortable walking around in t-shirt and shorts. Last weeks weather was a graphic reminder of why so many transplants are moving to Southeastern, NC. The snow was novel and fun to play in for the first day, but by the end of the weekend it seemed like a house guest who had over stayed their visit. Winter is far from over yet and the groundhog won't be making an appearence for some time to come. But a few days respite from chilly temps is always welcome. I'm hoping to take advantage of these warm days and squeeze in some early 2018 paddling. My plans for some kayak camping between Christmas and New Year's were thwarted by the weather. But I'm hoping to catch a window sometime in February. While traditionally one of the colder months in Southeastern, NC, sometimes, like today, you get lucky with a warm up. The days are already getting just a little longer, reminding me that each day we are getting a bit closer to Spring. In the mean time I'll pretend it's April until reminded otherwise!


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