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October is out...November is in. Thanksgiving is three weeks away. The holidays are once again upon us. For some, this is their favorite time of year, for others, not so much. The shopping, the decorating, the holiday parties, the inlaws, and of course, lot's of recreational eating. By New Year's it's enough to put you five pounds over weight with a maxed out credit card and a dead Christmas tree in the front yard.  Hey look, I'm no scrooge, I happen to enjoy this time of year also. I just need to mix in some aqua therapy to stay physically and mentally centered during the holidays. While the days are a little cooler, and the water temp has dropped, this is actually an ideal time for paddlers to explore their local rivers and lakes. For one thing,  many a motor boat is now dry docked making for a more peaceful paddle on seasonally busy water ways. This also makes the put in and take out simpler, since you won't be jockeying for space at public access points.  This is also a good opportunity to observe migratory birds, with some species making stop overs on area lakes and ponds on their way South.  We are fortunate here in Southeastern, NC, that our climate stays pretty moderate right through the holidays. So don't let the holidays fly by without getting some paddling time in. Skip the fruit cake and quality time with your mother in law and get your paddle wet. You'll be glad you did once the New Year rolls around!


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