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It's Coastal Camp week with YMCA Camp Hanes. For the last three years, The Expedition Organization has provided logistical support, outfitting, and educational programming during a 5 day adventure in the Wilmington area.  A group of 8 tweens and two counselors arrived at River Road Park on Sunday evening. We loaded up the kayaks and paddled over to Keg Island, where they set up their base camp. The following morning I met them, and we paddled over to Sharks Tooth Island for some fossil and sharks tooth hunting. I was chatting with Jamie, one of their counselors, about their experience so far. She mentioned that one of the best things about it, was the lack of scheduling. They could get up when they wanted, eat breakfast when they felt like, swim or paddle, or simply chill in their hammocks. In contrast, the usual camp schedule ran on 50 minute time blocks, a necessity when you have 150 to 200  campers on site. From Sharks Tooth we paddled over to Campbell Island for a little look see. Then it was back over to Keg for a make shift lunch of PB & J or tuna sandwiches, followed by more hammock time or swimming. It was also time for me to head back to the take out and load my kayak. My time, unfortunately, was not unscheduled. I could hear laughter coming from Keg Island as I loaded my boat and couldn't help but feel a little wistful. Summer is my busy season, and it's been a good one so far. But we could all use a little more unscheduled time...


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