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  • Unscheduled
    It s Coastal Camp week with YMCA Camp Hanes For the last three years The Expedition Organization has... read more
  • Liquidity
    Recently I was guiding a small group down a section of the Black River Due to recent rain the water ... read more
  • Power to the Paddle
    Here we are at the end of June and we have been having a nice break from the typical heat and humidi... read more

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Gear Review

Prepare to Launch

Category: Gear Review

With Memorial Day right around the corner, and the official start to boating season, I'd like to address safety and preparedness. These two really go hand in hand. If you're prepared for adverse ... READ MORE

Not So Primitive Camping.

Category: Blog

The term primitive camping means different things to different people. For some it conjures up visions of survival shelters and making fire by way of a bow drill. For others it simply means lack of fa... READ MORE


Category: Blog

I do not consider myself a gearhead. However, there are certain items that will always be in my dry bag for an over night kayak camping adventure. I'll review a couple of them here. I need coffee. I s... READ MORE

On the Wild Side.

Category: Blog

Now that you have mastered kayak car camping, and have the basic gear to paddle to your camp location, let's look at some ways to make that experience more fun. The beauty of paddling and camping, is ... READ MORE

Hard Case Vs. Soft Case...

Category: Blog

Ahhh technology, you gotta love it. The days when I would leave my phone in the car while paddling are long gone. Leaving the phone behind would be like forgetting to bring a paddle. It just does not ... READ MORE

To Tow or Throw?

Category: Blog

To tow or throw? That is the question. Or, put another way, should you carry a throw/tow bag on your person? A tow bag resembles a fanny pack,(no fashion points with this accessory) but has around 30 ... READ MORE

Kayaking the Cape Fear: Part 2.

Category: Gear Review

 Last week we looking at some kayak camping essentials to make your experience both comfortable and fun. Once you are properly outfitted, the next question is, where to go? One of the great aspec... READ MORE

Kayak Camping the Cape Fear.

Category: Gear Review

 So you are all geared up for some cool weather paddling! Now let's take it too the next level. While the warmer air and water temps have gone the way of last week's turkey, there are plenty of g... READ MORE

Extended Season

Category: Gear Review

 "The weather outside is frighful, but the fire its delightful."  Did we skip November and slide right into January? Yikes! The polar vortex has reached Southeastern, NC. However, ... READ MORE

Fall Paddle Essentials

Category: Gear Review

 The 40/40 rule is an old guide addage that states if the combined water temp and air temp equals 80, you should be good to go for some paddling. While that certainly seems subjective to each ind... READ MORE

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