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What's Drifting

  • Saint Paddle's Day
    It s that time of year again If you pay close attention you might spot little men in green suits pad... read more
  • Spring Forward Safely
    March has arrived and daylight savings time starts this weekend Spring is right around the corner an... read more
  • The Ground Hog Got It Wrong
    Six more weeks of winter That s what the ground hog predicted a few weeks back If this is winter wea... read more

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Close Encounters

Spring Forward Safely

Category: Close Encounters

March has arrived and daylight savings time starts this weekend. Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes longer days and milder temps. While the air temperature is on the rise, the water ... READ MORE

The Ground Hog Got It Wrong

Category: Close Encounters

Six more weeks of winter. That's what the ground hog predicted a few weeks back. If this is winter weather, I'll take it all day long! With temperatures at near record high levels this week, it's... READ MORE

The Pages Creek Preserve

Category: Close Encounters

The cleared lot on Middle Sound Loop was nothing unusual. I'd seen New Hanover County trucks parked there over the last few weeks, so I figured it to be some sort of public infrastructure project. A f... READ MORE

Quality over Quantity

Category: Close Encounters

Quality over Quantity. That's what was written on the dry erase board at the YMCA Pool.  I would stare at every time I did a kick set during my work out. It's a well worn phrase, approaching clic... READ MORE

Something in the Water

Category: Close Encounters

The water quality of the Cape Fear River was a major concern in 2017. There is no doubt that it will be an issue in 2018 as well. Rivers have long served farm and town as depositories for animal waste... READ MORE

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